About Pengallan

Pengallan is a New York luxury men's apparel and accessories brand.  Born of the old adage that, sometimes, “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself,” Pengallan set out to address the poor design and gauche manner by which certain types of men’s clothing has come to be made.

Our products seek to reclaim that halcyon place in time, seemingly long abandoned, when practicality and elegance were compatriots, not adversaries, when simplicity had a beauty all its own, and sensibility was a virtue.  Delighted to occupy the high ground between the over-engineered and the underdeveloped, like a good samurai sword, our products marry simple design with graceful lines and a bit of flair.

We sincerely hope that when wearing our products you enjoy the sweet satisfaction of knowing that you were part of something well done.  We know we do. 


Pengallan Sigil