Essentials - The Lighter

October 09, 2013

Essentials - The Lighter

Humans ability to create, control, and manipulate fire is what truly separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom.  The technological advances from the wooden spear hardened in the campfire to the Saturn V rockets which took man to the moon are derived from that ability.  In fact, so great is the gift of fire to man, that, according to ancient Greek mythology, the Titan Prometheus's punishment for giving man fire was daily evisceration via an eagle, ad infinitum.Prometheus Bound

Now you can carry this precious gift from the gods in your pocket.  Besides providing you the ability to light a lovely lady's cigarette, the pocket lighter can also be used as a light source (no charging necessary), provide heat (with a little extra fuel), and be used as a distraction (we'll let you ponder about that one).  That is why Pengallan considers the Pocket Lighter one of the essential items every man should possess.


Around since 1933, the Zippo lighter ($20 +) with its liquid fuel, 100% cotton & brass braided wick, and unique chimney design, has long held the distinction as the first "windproof" lighter.  It's versatility (you can use almost any flammable liquid as fuel) and reliability made it a favorite of World War II G.I.'s - quipped Gen. D. D. Eisenhower, "It's the only lighter I've got that will light at all times."  If you consider yourself a man, you should own at least one Zippo.Zippo-683x600


A favorite of elegant gentlemen everywhere, the Dunhill Rollagas ($550 +) is a true icon.  Launched in 1956, this elegant gas fueled fire piece comes in many styles and finishes including gold, platinum, and black lacquer.  A fixture on the social scene in the late 1950's through the 1960's, the Rollagas allows you to light your fire without touching a dirty striking wheel or getting your hand near the flame.  Dunhill lighters are considered so sophisticated, they have been featured in many Bond films, beginning with Sean Connery in Dr. No.Dunhill 683x600


Whether in the pits at Le Mans, or lighting your stogie on a windy golf course, Porsche Design has come up with their sleek version of a mini blow-torch, with the Electro-Quartz ($99) lighter.  Incredibly small, this lighter is made of nearly indestructible Trogamid, features a quartz-controlled pietzo ignition, with a small window showing the fuel level, and is available in five different colors.  Perfect for the modern sportsman.Porsche 683x600


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