Stick Your Neck Out

June 19, 2013

Stick Your Neck Out

Though the ascot has long been the classy summer alternative to bow and neckties, we’d like to re-introduce the ascot’s confidently casual cousin, the neck handkerchief, otherwise know as the "neckerchief."  Both ornamental and practical, the neckerchief offers you the opportunity to personalize your summer outfit, while keeping the neck and back of your shirt free of those unsightly sweat stains.

The subtle sophistication of the neckerchief works with or without a jacket, allowing you an opportunity to spruce up that plain old shirt or light summer jacket without the stifling effect of traditional neck wear.

Long a fashion staple for the working man, the handkerchief has more illustrious beginnings.  Before being used in jacket pockets and around necks, this underestimated square piece of fabric was a symbol of the upper class in the mid-1500s.  Aristocrats used white handkerchiefs to distinguish themselves from the peasants because only the upper class could afford to launder their handkerchiefs or buy new ones.  In fact, the square shape of the typical handkerchief owes itself to Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette who declared that handkerchiefs, which had previously come in multiple shapes and sizes, should be square.

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Since then, the neckerchief has been worn in great style by everyone from famous artists and celebrities to cowboys and coal miners.

Like each piece of your ensemble, your neckerchief should be a reflection of your personal tastes and daring.  There are traditional red and blue versions provided by FAST COLOR (a.k.a. the Elephant).

If you are feeling more adventurous, you can scour the likes of Etsy for some vivacious vintage handkerchiefs that can add both color and texture.  Just be sure that the dimension of the kerchief are at least 19 inches, or you might find it a little tight around the neck.

IMG_1402 - 960

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