Win, Place, & Show

April 29, 2013

Win, Place, & Show

This Saturday, May 4th, the famed Churchill Downs will hold the 139th running of the Kentucky Derby, the first, and probably best dressed, race of the Triple Crown.  As with other special occasions in the past (St. Patrick's Day, Easter Sunday), Pengallan has put together an outfit to help you prepare for attendance on the field, or whatever Derby party you may find yourself at.

Our ensemble: A classic coffee colored seersucker suit from Italian artisans Eredi Pisano, paired with some spring pink, and the beautiful crafted grey-white seersucker slim-fit boxers from Pengallan!

The bow tie is a great festive old-fashioned summertime look, and we untied the bow, just so you didn't think we were rocking the clip-on.  Need to learn how to tie a bow tie?  Click on the image below. [caption id="attachment_1604" align="alignnone" width="3648"] BOW UNTIED[/caption] And to top it off, find yourself a nice straw hat to keep you cool, and the sun out of your eyes on race day! [caption id="attachment_1596" align="alignnone" width="593"] A CLASSIC 1950'S STRAW HAT.[/caption]


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