Essentials - Looking Sharp

April 10, 2013

Essentials - Looking Sharp

This is the second installment in a series of posts we are doing about things the Pengallan man owns/likes/covets.  Our first post was about the value of a smoke on a good pipe.  Another item we think a man should always have on him, is a decent pocket knife.  From skinning your apple, to cutting tags and loose treads and scraping gum off your shoe, a pocket knife can prove invaluable on a daily basis.  Not to mention the potentially life saving applications should you ever find yourself in a situation that requires quick egress from a jammed seat-belt or the line on your belaying rope.

The Laguiole pocket knife has been the choice of Spanish and French shepherds and soldiers for generations.  Ours is more traditional, with the polished cattle horn handle, handmade by artisan R. David.  Click on the link below for a great video on the handcrafted construction process.

Spyderco knives are a favorite among outdoorsman and military personnel worldwide.  Known for their ruggedness and a unique feature that allows you to open the blade with one hand.

Ours is the classic Delica4.  The fiberglass reinforced nylon handles come molded with bi-directional texturing for preferred traction and improved ergonomics.  Inside the handle dual skeletonized stainless steel liners make the knife stronger without adding weight and make an anchor for all external and internal components to attach through adding sturdiness and rigidity.  Bad ass.


The large hole at the top of the blade allows for one-handed opening.  A distinct advantage in climbing and one handed knife fights (à la Michael Jackson and the "Beat It" video).

Can't fit either of those knives into your slim-fit jeans?  Fear not, there is always the trusted Victorinox Swiss Army Knife.  Serving the Swiss Army and Boy Scouts everywhere.

Speaking of looking sharp and slim-fit . . . ooh the steely sharpness of the Charcoal Solid Pengallan Slim-Fit Boxers!

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