Get Punchy!

December 31, 2012

Get Punchy!

The epicurean impresarios over at Parisian mixological watering-holes Glass and Candelaria have graciously supplied us with some of their weird and wonderful concoctions to help lubricate your New Years Eve celebrations.  We respectfully pass them on to you, dear friends.  We wish you each the very best in 2013!  Enjoy . . .

Les Sucettes 25cl Cognac 12.5cl Chardonnay wine syrup* 10.5cl Lemon juice 5 dashes Angostura bitter's Mix in a big bowl with lots of ice. Top with Champagne

For decor add some orange and lemon slices, with 1 aromatic clove in 3 of the slices.

* Chardonnay syrup is a reduction of the wine and sugar at low temperature.  The syrup should be half wine and half sugar, but should not be watery.  Adjust to taste, and add some nutmeg, but very little, for a kick!

Chadwick's Delight 12.5cl Sloe gin ( sloe berry gin very easy to find) 10cl Rosemary syrup (50%sugar dissolved in 50% hot water and mixed with branches of fresh rosemary. Chill syrup before adding to punch) 15cl Lemon juice 20cl Aged rum Mix in a big bowl with lots of ice. Top with ginger beer

Garnish with some (food glitter) rosemary branches and lemon slices! Is a very pretty pink punch!

P.S. 1cl (centiliter) is equal to 0.338140227 US fluid ounces, or just use Google to convert.

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